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Romain Langlois

Moments for internal dialogue are rare. There is no cheating because the intimacy reveal's one's truth. The simple fact of John's presence helps finds the thread and coherence of one's invisible, personal mess. It reminds me of the alchemist, who purifies and purifies until you find your quintessence - one's trembling, smiling and strong substance that is only accessed in intimacy and confidence

Nicola Powys

I was not prepared at all for the depth of takes somebody who is interested and cares about what you have to say, yet has a fresh perspective. I so appreciate this.  It was like a lightbulb going on, to have  my thoughts captured and curated through the editing. Fabulous experience, I'd recommend this to anyone.

It's a gift.

Vincent Dubourg

  Now I understand the need for silence...silence isn't not doing anything, it's not saying anything.


Yet from the silence the real is revealed, the reasoning and source behind our work. It is moments like this that touch our ultimate truths. 

Job Verpoorte

The free form of interviewing allowed me to skip the obligatory interview questions and target other themes, opening ways to explore new trains of thought. 

I loved the post-production interaction when John showed himself extremely apt in adjusting the video to both our visions. A great experience and end result. Stoked! 

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