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Video Witnessing Narratives As a Platform For Generative of Dialogue

John Oliver "I have been working in narratives-related for over 10 years*, and with have been diving deep on the craft of narratives in the rich media domain of video.

I see now a huge opportunity in the evolution of narratives into creating connections AND new forms of dialogue. 

Below is a brief outline of the key references, inspirations and context. A first project based on Interfaith dialogue and the philosophy of 'perennial wisdom' is being prepared, as a combined video witnessing project, and art installation project (with my art alias

*My consulting brand's (Human-Equity Ltd, founded in 2009) cornerstones of practice were free-form responses to dilemma for cognitive development coaching (, narratives based management team assessments (Human-Equity's own entrepreneurship semi-structured interviews with Mattieu Langeard), and Sensemaking (Dave Snowden, Cognitive-Edge).

Witnessing and Narrative

  • Video as narrative

    • Rich narrative, capturing transmission at many levels (voice, energy, subtle transmission)​

  • Video witnessing as listening and "prescencing"

    • ref. prescencing as core components in dialogue models such as Bill Isaacs (list references below)

  • Video landscapes as portals for dialogue​

    • Collecting and curating narratives in landscapes to create a platform for dialogue​

The Evolution of Online Media, Narratives and Dialogue:

  • Rethinking social media. 

    • Jonathan Harris' elements of future social media.

  1. from Disposibility to Timelessness 

  2. from Compression to Deepening 

  3. from Curation to Creation

  4. from Self-Promotion to Self-Awareness

  • New possible layers of software and intelligence above the video content layer: John Oliver's key evolutions identified:

    • Expanding from above, from curation to signification

      • The future of social media is less the content, than the connections that are created thereof.

      • Connections can come through the signification 

Screenshot 2019-07-04 at 18.27.45.png

Related Framework References

  • Dialogue

    • Dialogue: The Art Of Thinking Together - William Issacs​:

    • Bohmian Dialogue  "There is a possibility of creativity in the socio-cultural domain which has not been explored by any known society adequately." David Bohm

      • Three "gestures of becoming aware":

        • Suspension (of current rational thought)

        • Redirection (of presence and thought to the moment)

        • Letting go (letting come).​

    • Gunnlaugson, Olen & Moze, Mary Beth G. (2012). ‘Surrendering Into Witnessing- A Foundational Practice for Building Collective Capacity in Groups’. Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. 7(3). 105-115. p.106, 107.
      • “Research has highlighted key aspects of what is experienced in surrender[ing into witnessing], including timelessness, openness, limitlessness, connectedness, mutuality, receptivity, non-judgment, dynamic immersion, improvisation, suspension, and mindfulness without thoughts”.
    • ‘Encountering    the    Other’ Term Paper Trevor Malkinson January 2015 The Ethics of Presence- New Paths in Interfaith Dialogue. ​

Qualitative Data Visualisation

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