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Post-filming reflection prompts

There is always a moment after the filming, where we transition back into our everyday consciousness and begin reflection on what just happened during the filming. There are extraordinarily rich insights that come spontaneously in this moment of transition, unprompted, ranging from "I have no idea where those words came from"..., to "I can feel that these words will accompany over the next few years..."


Here below are some prompts that might take the space for reflection after the filming further:

  • What did you notice? ...And what else?

  • What did you become aware of?

  • What might be a metaphor for your experience?

  • Who is doing the looking?

  • Where did you feel your voice coming from?

  • What place did you go to?

  • How did the silence feel?

Post-editing, on seeing the film:

  • What would you like for viewers to get from this video?

  • What might be moving or shifting?

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