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Business applications of video witnessing 

Video witnessing is an emerging practice area of film-makers, artists and change facilitators. It has already gained a following of dedicated practitioners, pioneering its application across an very broad area of contexts.


Thanks to the inherent depth and richness of the complete cycle of the filming process (from the creation of the witnessing in silence, through to the editing and self-reflection journey), the practice is a vehicle for many individual and collective development applications. See here for the reference to 'Developmental Journies - Practive-Led Theory', highlighting the number of inquiry, therapeutic and development frameworks that can be applied to the film work. 

Below is a list a some of the key applications in both social and business / organisational development sectors:

Organisational Development Film Narratives

The business category of narratives is a broad umbrella to cover the business sector, entrepreneurship and organisational development applications.

Leadership Communication

Your personal leader / founder portrait, sharing your values and purpose, in a powerfully authentic way.  



Communicating the values, principles and heritage of founders and founder-families, for the next generation of business.



Video journaling, self-reflection, supported by breakthrough frameworks in adult developmental psychology.

Collaboration Communities

Exchange, inspire, build and share. How narratives can support new forms of economic collaboration.


and Marketing

Is your product or service coming from a deep purpose and personal vision? Communicate this in meaningful and authentic ways



Co-worker engagement, culture and values. Probe-sense-respond. Democratise conversations with narrative landscapes.

Example Executive Witnessing Experience

In collaboration with progressive, agenda-less peer leadership groups run by

A live group witnessing event was run for Yellow Learning on Zoom, with subjects recording a high quality local video with their smartphones.

Yellow Witnessing - Testimonial image.jpg
Rob thumbnail.jpg


Group Witnessing (via Zoom) for Yellow

Rob Poyton
Author and Lecturer at Saïd Business School, Oxford

"The group witnessing that we experimented with in Yellow surpassed any kind of expectation any of us might have had. The group has grown close over the last six months of meeting, which explains some of it, but nonetheless the witnessing processed catapulted us into a new way of being together - that was incredibly connective and tender.


For me, having been witnessed just by John I was struck by how deep and subtle it was to be part of a group witnessing someone else.


We did two different people and each session was wildly different and yet equally profound. It is something we will continue to work with and explore. It feels to me that the possibilities here, whilst very difficult to describe or make sense of in words, are legion."

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