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  • Biographical Film + Expressive Art Work

    A profound personal exploration process, taking us to heart of our life's meaning. This offer brings together my art practice (sculpture, painting, performance, video - www.Tyler.World), with my witnessing video practice. I feel an incredible privilege to be able to be able to combine both, and immerse myself in the energy, transmission and essence of my subjects in this integration of filming, editing and the expressive arts process. 1. Biographical Video Portrait: The first stage is a remote "witnessing" filming session with me, recorded using a specialist remote recording software (SquadCast), from your home or any quiet location with good natural lighting. The filming time is typically 1.5hrs. No preparation is required, and no pressure of what should be said during the recording. In person filming can be prices on request according to the travel logistics. I will then produce a 3min - 5min video edit, with transcript. This then provides the foundation for moving to an creative experience, that can be in any medium (no need for artistic skills!). 2. Collaborative Expressive Arts Process: Building on the vast heritage of expressive arts therapy, we will then explore an 'Integrated' sensemaking process, based on my background in developmental cognitive psychology and the arts. STEPS: There are 6 sessions included in the package: 1. First remote portrait filming session - 1.5hr video remote narrative filming - based on the unconditional silent witnessing with the method 2. 1hr debriefing call with the video edit - creative goal setting 3. 2hr creative process live focusing and creative homework 4. 1hr art experience debrief - taking stock of what has emerged 5. Second remote portrait filming session - the cognitive scaffolding reflecting on the creative experience. 6. 3 to 6 month follow-up call - what has evolved? OPTION FOR A PAINTED PORTRAIT (Price on request): I have also done a series of painted portraits of my film subjects. Typically using acrylic paints, the portraits are painted on a scale of approximately 1m x 1m (40 x 40 inches). See for a gallery exhibition of such portraits. The painted portrait will be on a flexible canvas (for shipping purposes).

  • Personal Narrative Portrait

    Access the power of your personal narrative through unconditional witnessing and video editing. Film from any quiet location, in person (plus travels costs), or remotely using both a laptop and your smartphone (detailed setup instructions available). - A 5 - 8min initial edit will be produced in web format 1080p (or the highest definition of the remote camera), and kept on a password protected domain. - Longer edits of up to 12 min can be made available with possible additional editing costs starting (depending on length) - The video will be downloadable, and an embed-able link provided to include on your website (while still hosted on our server). - All footage remains the property of InteriorTruth, but released only with prior permission Each filming package includes a pre-filming briefing call and a debriefing call.

  • InteriorTruth Filming - Bordeaux, France

    Rendez-vous individuelle pour un filming. Dans la grand salle à droite du passage dans la photo (juste avant le bureau d'administration)

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