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  • Remote Portrait Film + 5min Edit (Perso)

    For personal projects: Film from any quiet location, a witnessing filming session with John, recorded on Zoom using ideally both a laptop and your smartphone. An initial 3 min edit will be produced. For pricing regarding the footage and edited version options, please refer the relevant Terms and Conditions for your category of project (personal / professional / community project etc.) Package Option A: Remote FIlming Personal Project - published to the public - The filming and 3 min edit - A 3 min initial edit will be produced in web format 1080p, and made available with InteriorTruth logo, on the website gallery - Publication - the film will be published only after approval by the subject, after reviewing the edit. - Longer edits* of up to 12 min and non-branded versions are at an additional cost starting at €750 (depending on length and features) providing a downloadabale video in high definition 1080p, with InteriorTruth logo. - Rights for InteriorTruth to publish for public viewing of both short and long versions. - All footage filmed in person or locally remains the property of InteriorTruth  ​*Editing process refers to a one-off edited version, directed by InteriorTruth. For iterative and bespoke editing extra charges may apply. Each filming package includes a pre-filming briefing call and a debriefing call based around watching the edit together in realtime when released, and a transcript.

  • Film and Painted Portrait - Tyler.World

    A profound personal exploration process, gift to a close friend/relative/colleague, or a legacy tribute. This offer brings together my art practice (sculpture and painting - www.Tyler.World), with my witnessing video practice. I feel an incredible privilege to be able to be able to combine both, and immerse myself in the energy, transmission and essence of my subjects in this integration of filming, editing and portrait painting. After the video witnessing/filming process of 1hr-1.5hrs, I typically spend 6 to 8hrs in editing time, to produce a 5min video piece. This gives me a fabulous opportunity to then move to the canvas to paint their portrait, and express all that I have heard, felt and experienced during the filming and editing. The price is based on a remote filming (over Zoom and Smartphone) - no preparation, and no pressure! (In person filming can be prices on request according to the travel logistics) The painted portrait will be either on a wood frame or flexible canvas (the standard for non-EU clients, for shipping purposes). DIMENSIONS, MATERIALS AND STYLE: Typically using acrylic paints, the portraits are painted on a scale of approximately 1m x 1m (40 x 40 inches). Requests for preferred canvas proportions are welcome. The styles of portraits are based on a very spontaneous process, in a quest for a post-modern style to portraiture. Key inspirations are artists such as John Wentz ( and the deconstructed portrait movement. The packaging and shipping of the painted portrait is included in the price. PROCESS AND TERMS: - A witnessing filming session with John, recorded on Zoom using both a laptop and your smartphone, from your home or any quiet location with good natural lighting. - A 5 min video edit will be produced in high definition 1080p (depending on your smartphone - 1080p is the average for recent smartphone front cameras / selfie mode cameras). ​The editing process refers to a one-off edited version, directed by InteriorTruth. For iterative and bespoke editing requests, extra charges may apply. - Publication - the film will be by default a private video. Inclusion on the InteriorTruth /Tyler websites only after approval. - Longer edits of up to 12 min and non-branded versions are at an additional cost starting at €750 (depending on length and features). Each filming package includes a pre-filming briefing call and a debriefing call  to watch the edit together in real-time when released.

  • Portrait Film + 5min Edit (Business)

    For professional clients: Film from any quiet location, a witnessing filming session with John, recorded on Zoom using ideally both a laptop and your smartphone. - A 3 min initial edit will be produced in web format 1080p, and kept on a password protected domain. - Longer edits* of up to 12 min can be made available with an editing costs starting at €750 (depending on length and features), providing a downloadabale video in high definition 1080p. - All footage filmed in person or remotely remains the property of InteriorTruth *One-off edited version, directed by InteriorTruth. For iterative and bespoke editing extra charges may apply.​ Each filming package includes a pre-filming briefing call, debriefing call based around watching the edit when released.

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  • Silence being my artistic frame... Working with symbols vs signs

    Loving this book by JF Martel, Co-host of the excellent Weird Studies podcast. P69 speaks to how "the transmutation of signs into symbols is achieved through framing" which I see as being the silence practice in my filming. Nice to make the analogy of an artist's canvas or a theatre stage, with the simple fact of sitting with someone in silence as the "framing".

  • Fun time tagging/signifying 45 min of silence

    Fun time tagging/signifying 45 minutes of silence from a recent shoot. I found I in the end placed lots of tags, with things like 'raising eyebrow'; 'slight stretch to the left'; 'rolling of the head'. Aiming for a 3 min edit, but perhaps I'll post the full version for paying members on my website, a new meditation app! This connects to the interest I have in witnessing subtle energy, as described in action by David Deida in the workshop in Ken Wilber's loft here (reproduced with permission from Integral Life).

  • Chris Marker and the film Sans Soleil - a generational reference in film making

    With might be seen as an oblique connection to the witnessing filming process, but pointing to a direction I am embarking on to evolve my work, Marker is an essential inspiration, ushering in the style of the non-linear film essay. Marker (1921 - 2012) was a French writer, photographer, documentary film director, multimedia artist and film essayist. His best known films are La Jetée (1962), A Grin Without a Cat (1977) and Sans Soleil (1983) - meditation on the nature of human memory, showing the inability to recall the context and nuances of memory, and how, as a result, the perception of personal and global histories is affected. Friend and collaborator Alain Resnais called him "the prototype of the twenty-first-century man."

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  • The Method | Interior Truth

    The InteriorTruth Filming Method Embodied Sensemaking For Our Developmental Journies Hilma Af Klint - The Swan, No. 12, Group IX SUW, 1915 Image Attribution: Rhododendrites / Public domain ​ Outline of the Filming Method The witnessing filming approach at InteriorTruth was originally based on training with in Inner View Method with Nic Askew (Soul Biographies ), and has been adapted by me (John Oliver) through experimentation to typically follow the following sequence, whether filmed remotely or in-person: Closed-eye meditation : , where both the filmer and subject close their eyes for a self-led body scan. The pace and timing is left for the subject to choose (from anywhere between 3 and 25 minutes) - the subject simply tells the filmer that they have finished the body scan and have opened their eyes. Eye-to-eye silent witnessing : Both filmer and subject hold each other's gaze, in silence. Whatever narrative emerges into the silence is welcomed, unconditionally. Or the silence may just hold naturally (even up to 45 minutes or more!). Again, the subject is in control, telling the filmer the moment they feel they have come to the end of the silent witnessing, or to the end of their narrative. Typically, the filmer doesn't ask any questions, holding the silence or staying in a role of pure listening. Debriefing: While continuing to film. the last phase is transitioning into a more rational / cognitive reflective mode, and decompression. It's a moment to explore how was the experience, what was coming up, but not necessarily verbalised? ​ ​ With my experience in working in developmental psychology and narratives in organisational development, the method could be referred to as 'Embodied Sensemaking '. ​ There is something unique about stepping into the combined realms of unconditional silence in the presence of a witness (the filmer and camera). Each filming is an experiment as we step into the unknown and invite whatever narrative wants to be expressed in the moment. ​ There are many references in the community of filmers that we need to step out of the way so that "nothing happens", with no expectations. It is the dance with the paradox of not having interview questions or prompts, and resisting the temptation to achieve a "result", that the more spontaneous narrative emerges, from a distinct energetic and embodied depth. ​ Connecting the Filming Method with Current Research and Frameworks Despite at first glance the method being of ultra minimalist design, there a great deal of research and references from psychology through to the wisdom traditions that point to how we show up in such a witnessing practice, including accessing subtle energy (introduction page on subtle energies and David Deida workshop recording here ). ​ The research points to a number of theoretical frameworks that are diverse, yet offer complementary lenses on the practice - in such a way that can reinforce the outcomes of the InteriorTruth filming experience. A danger in complex subjects such as meaning-making of the human experience through practices such as this, is to put the theory before the practice. A key tenet therefore is being present and engaging with the human experience first and foremost in an adaptive, flexible and intuitive way, before any bias that a particular theoretical lens may place on the way we engage. ​ Having worked in organisational and leadership development consulting for over 10 years, I have seen myriads of theoretical frameworks that would be the basis upon which any engagement was led - to the extent of natural biases leading to always see the world in a way that confirms the pre-selected theoretical framework (with equally numerous derivatives of each framework with their own commercial branding and packaging). ​ Putting the Method Before The Frameworks Here are some key principles of this philosophical lens of how we might best understand such filming practices where the method is a starting point into exploring supportive frameworks: ​ Context is everything : Only through practice (with ideally high granularity) are we able to hold the infinite nuances of context Being in a dynamic of 'being' vs. aiming for a destination: Our complex world means that we are navigating polarities that are in fact complementary, vs. in conflict. It is only our reductional thinking that collapses polarites into conflict (e.g. right wing vs. left wing politics). Playing with counter-factuals (e.g. testing your hypothesis by attempting to disprove it) can give some useful Safe-to-fail experiments, which should test naive and deliberately contradictory hypothesis is a powerful way of navigating such polarities and dynamics (See Dave Snowden's Blog post here "Start with action then reflect ", and a Dave is a significant source on the general theme of this page, having worked in collaboration with him on client projects). ​ ​ List of Theoretical Frameworks and Complementary Methods that Relate to the Video Witnessing Practice Below is an initial overview of the frameworks from my experience to be directly relevant to the witnessing practice: ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​​ The Energetic and Emotional Arc in Personal Development and Learning: It could be said that all personal development happens within a hermeneutic arc between the cognitive and the emotional. Our thinking evolves throughout our lives, as we move through new experiences that each contain an emotional or energy component. Below are some examples of research under this theme: Focusing Eugene Gend lin - The Inter national Focusing Institute​: Dropping into different energy points - Theory U Scharmer, C. Otto (2007) Theory U: Leading from the Future as it Emerges. The Society for Organizational Learning, Cambridge, USA. And: Senge, Peter M.; Jaworski, Joseph; Scharmer, C. Otto; Flowers, Betty Sue (2 June 2005). Presence: Exploring Profound Change in People, Organizations and Society. London: Nicholas Brealey Publishing. Presencing which is central to the book, variously defined, but Arriving at Silence (shifting the place of perception to the source) Subtle Energy See the subtle energy page on this site here , and an audio of a workshop on witnessing subtle energy with David Deida​ Individual Development Frameworks: Person-centered​ approach Developed by psychologist Carl Rogers A humanistic approach that deals with the ways in which individuals perceive themselves consciously, rather than how a counsellor/therapist can interpret their unconscious thoughts or ideas. ​ Masks Work References from drama therapy to working with archetypes Voice Dialogue Therapy ​ Subject-Object Reflective Shifts: Developmental Psychology - Subject-Object perspective taking shifts Robert Kegan​ Bill Torbert (Appreciative Inquiry) Psychosynthesis ​ Experience of self; pure self-awareness. Integration of levels of unconscious. Roberto Assagioli and more recent writings in Integral Psychothsynthesis by Kenneth Sørensen ​ Collective Development Practices T-Groups Facilitated group encouner sessions (Wikipedia article here ). Carl Rogers described sensitivity groups as "...the most significant social invention of the century". A T-group meeting does not have an explicit agenda, structure, or expressed goal. Under the guidance of a facilitator, the participants are encouraged to share emotional reactions (for example, anger, fear, warmth, or envy) that arise in response to their fellow participants' actions and statements. The emphasis is on sharing emotions, as opposed to judgments or conclusions. In this way, T-group participants can learn how their words and actions trigger emotional responses in the people they communicate with. Big Mind Dennis Genpo Merzel ​ Related to, but with key distinctions from voice dialogue therapy work. Bohmian Dialogue ​ ​ Integral Theory Lens on Video Witnessing Integral Lens (Ken Wilber) on the witnessing filming practice - and proposing Integral Theory as a meta-map for navigating all the above frameworks and methods. ​ Click here to access a GoogleSlides draft document (open to comments directly on the document) of using the Integral Theory lens to the witnessing filming practice. ​ ​ANNEX - References for further research ​ Acknowledging what is from Bert Hellinger, founder of Family Constellations Full Appreciative Awareness (FAA) by NLP teacher Carl Buchheit. He describes FAA as basically being OK with what is - not in terms of condoning what is, but instead the choice of including rather than resisting the existence of what is. It's the consenting to the here and now, and what there is to work with. It's a stance towards self, others, and life that doesn't add anything in, and it doesn't take anything away. "All real meeting is living" by Martin Buber. He contrasts I-It relationships and I-Thou. Check out his phenomenal book I and Thou. "Radical hospitality" from Stephen Jenkinson who works in palliative care. Welcoming and inviting in, even (and perhaps especially) the darkness. "Love as letting appear" by Humberto Maturana Unique Self Theory by Marc Gafni Idealism as referenced by Bernardo Kastrup ​ ​(Thanks to Alex Carabi for recommendations)

  • The Art of Witnessing | Interior Truth

    Deep witnessing through video Discovering our universalities through our intimate narratives ... A 'witnessing' video narratives project of leading creatives, innovators and leaders, mapping creative experiences with faith and wisdom traditions. Watch only when free of distractions, with headphones. Give yourself the gift of presence with these courageous souls. Stuart Davis Musician, filmaker, director, spiritual adventurer Jamie Catto Grammy nominatied musician, film-maker, spiritual seeker and guide East Forest Musician, producer, ceremony leader Vincent Dubourg Artist, sculptor John Wentz Artist - Paris, France Romain Langlois Artist, sculptor, social activist Kim Holl Video Artist - witnessing and story telling Steve Marshall Arts in business and social change Fateme Banishoeib Art, creativity, leadership Robert Poynton Author, speaker, designer of learning experiences Gary Hirsch Artist, impro facilitator Nicola Powys Artist, creative facilitator Jon Voss Artist, sculptor Peter Vander Auwera Artist, change agent Tom Goldstein Coach, adventure leader Alex Carabi Executive coach, convenor of learning journies Jeremy Le Fèvre Coach and team development Sophie Garet Ateliers philosophique pour des jeunes Job Verpoorte Eco entrepreneur - Jabali Wooden Surfboards Miriam Plon Sauer Executive Strategy Director (EMEA) at AKQA Flavio Fabiani Researcher, Lecturer and Consultant on Co-creation Design John Oliver Video artist, sculptor, painter ( Silent Witnessing Deep Dive Explore transmission beyond words Out of gallery Answer the invitation from deep inside with a 90-minute remote filming session Personal video session with John - filmed from any quiet location you can find using your laptop and/or smartphone Bookings and Prices Here Blog Silence being my artistic frame... Working with symbols vs signs 10 0 Post not marked as liked Fun time tagging/signifying 45 min of silence 8 0 Post not marked as liked Chris Marker and the film Sans Soleil - a generational reference in film making 12 0 Post not marked as liked Dare to call this witnessing work as "sacred" 15 0 Post not marked as liked "It's like going to a place where suddenly you become god" 7 0 Post not marked as liked The future of narrative landscapes - JR (again!) 11 0 Post not marked as liked

  • About | Interior Truth

    "I'm on a journey. Trying to make sense between soul and shadow. Getting out of my head. Seeing in new ways. Dropping into my heart. Feeling in new ways. Unlearning, to arrive at states of naked, fearful innocence. Fascinated by how our path to a greater collective consciousness might emerge from a radical witnessing of our intimate, interior truths." - John Oliver Short Bio: John Oliver was born in the UK and lives in SW France with his wife and two daughters. After a degree in engineering/aerospace, John worked for an overseas aid charity (Nepal and Ghana), an Internet Start-Up and large multi-national (with 2 years in the USA). Having completed a MBA (EDHEC-France), he created and ran an organisational development consulting brand Human-Equity Ltd for 10 years, specialising in developmental psychology and the Sensemaking school of complex adaptive organisational change that leverages narratives. ​ Aligning long-term interests in philosophy (in particular Integral Theory - Ken Wilber), creative and spiritual practices, John now explores our world from the artist's perspective - with both video witnessing (with training from Nic Askew and sculpture/painting art projects at: www.Tyler.World Background and purpose Why do I film? ​ To make art, in intimacy with another. To dance with the crazy poetry of our lives. Engaging with the deep ironies Turning the wheel of self / no-self to arrive at a new wholeness Playing with the felt sense of time Inviting voices from beyond Not to find answers, but to hold our struggles and our joys My inquiry and adventure is that through the radical 'holding' or witnessing of our individual, unique souls (that the camera and editing process provides a magical lens onto), we can come to a revelatory collective consciousness. It's almost as if the "narrative" has a life of its own, wanting to emerge, evolve and enter into our inner conversations. ​ I feel the world needs more 'listening' than 'telling'. Hence, my hope this work provides a container for, or window into the voices of our infinitely unique experiences and sense of self. From however this new quality of sense of self, I believe is a wonderful opportunity for our collective humanity to create a new level of union. It is with these deep ironies, balances of polarities (almost koans) in life that I want to engage and dance with - how thanks to our differences and unique experiences in life, we can come together ​ A recurring remark of participants at the end of the filming, is that even they are surprised as to which narratives arose in the moment and (especially after the editing process) the clarity they brought. I get to know them with a type of intimacy that even the closest people in their lives don't often have. ​ This "witnessing" experience integrates training from the Inner View Method (, and inspirations from Integral Theory (Wilber), Focusing (Gendlin) and Sensemaking (narratives). The filming is alongside my organisational development work in narratives (based on Sensemaking principles) and developmental psychology ​(Business Bio - LinkedIn) and my art projects work ( ). ​ I have particularly interest in working with artists in exploring the future of art and it's role in the development of our societies ​​. Hover mouse over for the video script Video script: "That's pretty scary, the more you look into something, examine it, the more you realise you don't know and is impossible to know. So the journey in the last year has been for me to completely let go of trying to be anything of an expert in any subject. ​ The video work has been...a revelation. To go out there and not actually say or do anything behind the camera...And wow...You get these amazing insights! ​ Hey, well, all those years of education and and the investment into building who you are ...and then you end up just sitting behind a camera doing nothing. And the less you do, the better. ​ That's a huge irony. So it's fun to welcome that in...That I could get away with that! ​ In my next pivot in my life. Completely invert the striving of building knowledge and even wisdom and to try and offer that into the world, to actually now with the film work, Being an empty vessel behind the camera, Showing up. ​ It does feel like a very nice switch to the other polarity..." DFurther thoughts on purpose in integrating philosophical inspirations and d evelopmental studies - is there a sense of direction for our human evolution? I wish to present opportunities for constructive and creative perspectives on our most critical social challenges, for example, is climate change happening TO us for FOR us? (Quote fro Paul Hawken). Having organised a climate change conference 30 years ago in London UK with a national TV personality (Rory Bremner), and worked in Asia and Africa with the NGO that E F Schumacher founded (author of "Small is Beautiful"), I've been exploring across disciplines (psychology, sociology, critical complexity thinking) to "make sense" of the inertia that is so evident in our everyday news headlines. Personal Goals Collective and Individual Development - capacities for reflection and sensemaking: ​ Creating a library of principles (with an emphasis on aesthetic and creative principles), and bringing them to life through the video portraits. A way of creating a visual landscape or map thanks to "Sensemaking" principles and collective signification and interpretation of the portraits, will be presented early 2020.

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