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Social Applications of Video Witnessing 

Video witnessing is an emerging practice area of film-makers, artists and change facilitators. It has already gained a following of dedicated practitioners, pioneering its application across an very broad area of contexts.


Thanks to the inherent depth and richness of the complete cycle of the filming process (from the creation of the witnessing in silence, through to the editing and self-reflection journey), the practice is a vehicle for many individual and collective development applications. See here for the reference to 'Developmental Journies - Practive-Led Theory', highlighting the number of inquiry, therapeutic and development frameworks that can be applied to the film work. 

Below is a list a some of the key applications in both social and business / organisational development sectors:

Social, Community and Persona Filming Narratives



Working with the power of collective narratives, access what people are really thinking and feeling.

Intergenerational Connections

Filming across generations, capturing timeless memories and connecting experiences across generations



Supporting self-development and retreat programmes. Witnessing the wisdom within.



Filming family portraits, getting to know family members in new ways, celebrating loved ones. 



Accessing respective truths, appreciating  differences... revealing paths for new listenting and reconciliation. 



Anthropological applications of the Sensemaking method, probing-sense-respond.

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