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Creative / Aesthetic Principles

So much has been written on the creative process, that this page is a mere glance at what are some of the key sources and references (see References section below). The specific angle of this page however, is anticipating how such summarizations of the creative and aesthetics principles can be used in the "signification" possibilities of both the artist's narratives about their experience of the creative process, and that of the audience, the viewers.


Being naive


It is not about you as an individual...your genius is an outer energy/being/force that you connect to (daimon)


Creativity and art is the highest form of expression of the human spirit and experience


Creativity is getting hyper-connected...accelerated virtuous loops


Creativity is a dynamic, a vector, and not a location with coordinates

- This refers to however we look at the world, as a struggle between good and evil, or an inquiry as to our progress as a society, we often make judgements about whether a situation is good or bad, and can our efforts suceed in such challenging social contexts. This can lead to a loss of hope. Is creativity in play I suggest is a more helpful question as to our deep purpose.


Going beyond 'knowing' and into discovery, play, wonder.


Letting go of plans and intentions, yet guided by principles of process (that emphasise the ways of 'being' in the creative process).

Creativitiy Articles

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