Answer the invitation from deep inside 

with a 90-minute remote filming session


Because we rarely get the opportunities in our modern lives to listen....and unconditionally connect to our inner voice, narrative or truth.

Because witnessing holds a key in allowing us to drop into a deeper consciousness - both personally and collectively.

What For?

​Each filming is an experiment, and open invitation for a narrative that can touch a vast range of dimensions in our lives. Examples of the applications and outcomes that can emerge are:

  • Self-reflection and 'sensemaking' - a catalyst on our continuous evolution as adults or children (see developmental sensemaking notes here)

  • Capturing and passing the legacy of our narrative to our friends, family, community, colleagues

  • Conflict resolution, social dialogue, civic disourse - listening to our differences

  • Creativity - listening to the your creative narrative through new media

  • And others...


From experience, filming remotely can be just as powerful as in-person filming. With a little preparation time for the set-up (see here for more details), we can step into a spacious moment of witnessing together. 

Remote Filming Options, Pricing and Reservation

Allowing for a process of exploration and experimentation that is part of every filming, below are options for a first filming and short edit (3min edit) budget.  For longer edits and extended filming services, add-ons are available depending on each application context.

Individual Filming Sessions


Option A: Private clients (filmed remotely) 

Self-development, creative journies, family legacies, personal inquiry (focusing), witnessing

Option B: Professional / Organisational Clients (Filmed Remotely)

Professional Projects - Leadership communication, dialogue, presencing, community projects, Sensemaking narratives