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Answer the invitation from deep inside 

with a 90-minute remote filming session


Because we rarely get the opportunities in our modern lives to listen....and unconditionally connect to our inner voice, narrative or truth.

Because witnessing holds a key in allowing us to drop into a deeper consciousness - both personally and collectively.

What For?

​Each filming is an experiment, and open invitation for a narrative that can touch a vast range of dimensions in our lives. Examples of the applications and outcomes that can emerge are:

  • Capturing and passing the legacy of our narrative to our friends, family, community, colleagues

  • Conflict resolution, social dialogue, civic disourse - listening to our differences

  • Creativity - listening to the your creative narrative through new media

  • An overview of the film applications can be found here for self-development, business and social, community and peace/dialogue contexts


  1. Unconidtional, unlimited filming witnessing session (remotely filmed with local smartphone)  - on average filming sessions tend to last approximately 1h30.

  2. 5 - 8 min edited video, with backing music and signification titles (downloadable). For longer edits and extended filming services, add-ons are available depending on each application context. 

  3. Transcript

  4. 1h30 "sensemaking" debriefing session with "2nd person" application of developmental signifiers, from polarities library. Self-reflection and 'sensemaking' - a catalyst on our continuous evolution as adults (see embodied  sensemaking notes here).

Option 1. Remote Filming (high quality using Zoom and your smartphone)

From experience, filming remotely can be just as powerful as in-person filming. With a little preparation time for the set-up (see here for using your smartphone for the remote filming session), we can step into a spacious moment of witnessing together. 


Option 2. In-person Filming

For professional quality recording with black background, the ideal setup for the witnessing session. Travel within Europe is typically included in the pricing below, depending on the timing and exact location (room availability etc.).