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Answer the invitation from deep inside 

​Each filming is an experiment, and open invitation for a narrative that can touch a vast range of dimensions in our lives. Examples of the applications and outcomes that can emerge are:

  • Capturing and passing the legacy of our narrative to our friends, family, community, colleagues

  • Conflict resolution, social dialogue, civic disourse - listening to our differences

  • Creativity - listening to the your creative narrative through new media

  • An overview of the film applications can be found here for self-development, business and social, community and peace/dialogue contexts


  1. Unconidtional, unlimited filming witnessing session (remotely filmed with local smartphone)  - on average filming sessions tend to last approximately 1h30.

  2. 5 - 8 min edited video, with backing music and signification titles (downloadable). For longer edits and extended filming services, add-ons are available depending on each application context. 

  3. Transcript

  4. 1h30 "sensemaking" debriefing session with "2nd person" application of developmental signifiers, from polarities library. Self-reflection and 'sensemaking' - a catalyst on our continuous evolution as adults (see embodied  sensemaking notes here).

Pricing and Booking:

For the best quality recording, a quiet location with natural side lighting is ideal. Travel costs for in-person filmings in addition, unless where possible combining with other travel appointments.

Please contact me for discount codes for group bookings.

Option: Remote Filming (high quality using Zoom and your smartphone)

From experience, filming remotely can be just as powerful as in-person filming.

With a little preparation time for the set-up (see here for using your smartphone for the remote filming session), we can step into a spacious moment of witnessing together. 


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