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Witnessing Subtle Energy

- the magic of the portrait filming process 

Thanks to an older brother who is an ordained Buddhist dharmachari, from my early adult years I have been on an intellectual journey in exploring the wisdom traditions, and reconciling Eastern and Western thought. This lead me to greatly admire the books of Ken Wilber (interviewing him in Boulder 2008).


I have been inspired to apply the Integral Theory frameworks in my professional work over the past 10 years, and had these as the founding vision of my consulting brand Human-Equity Ltd. in 2009. 


Taking Wilber's AQAL overview of "all Quandrants, Levels, Lines, States and Types", my work can be roughly correlated to my having worked in Stages (developmental psychology), Types (both with behavioural psychometrics and the Competing Values Framework - Cameron and Quinn), Lines (indirectly, in relation to leadership "skills") and Quadrants (see my website that collects my organisational research since my MBA in 2001, with interpretaion across the Arts, Morals, Science and Justice perspectives of organisational case studies).

What is left, is States!

And hence a reference to the Integral Life recording below, of a workshop with Ken Wilber, David Deida, Stuart Davis and others, in a direct experience of the types of subtle energy (that I'm putting into the States categoriy) that we all communicate. 

My desire with my video work is to capture exactly those powers of obersvation or witnessing that David Deida evokes in the recording.  

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Published with permission from Integral Life