"Witnessing" video art

projects by John Oliver

"Silence is my canvas

...listening in wholeness"


Filming from a place of unconditional silent witnessing opens the door to a more spontaneous, deeper consciousness and interior 'truth', offering stepping stones for our evolving journies.  


The unique nature of the filming process is in our dropping into a full body felt sense of the present. Each filming session begins with a period of silence with eyes closed - I therefore ask of the viewer to join us at that same level, by watching when free from distractions and with headphones. 

If you loose patience after 15s because nothing is happening, then this is a perfect chance to reflect on which energetic level you are at. Treat yourself to the silence and space to connect to what these people are courageously sharing.

Video narratives - 1 min clips

Watch only when free of distractions, with headphones.

Give yourself the gift of presence with these courageous souls.


Check out the full library below

Answer the invitation from deep inside

with a 90-minute remote filming session

Personal video session with John - filmed from any quiet location you can find using your laptop and/or smartphone

Practice Your Art of Witnessing

A compilation of the moments of silence shared while filming is in the video below: The perfect way to get a taste of what it is like to sit in front of a camera in this witnessing space. 

Guarenteed you drop into a deeper level of consciousness if you make it all the way (14 min)