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witnessing Soul

Filming from a place of unconditional silent witnessing.
pening the door to a more spontaneous, deeper consciousness and interior 'truth', offering stepping stones for our evolving journeys.  


Biography and Legacy Portraits

Explore your developmental edges, your biographical arc and legacy narrative:

  • In-person or remotely filmed

  • Debriefing stages facilitating the signification of your narrative

  • Our personal journey interpreted through a range of lenses

  • Filming in range of portrait and authentic movement styles.

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Authentic Marketing

Capture the essence of your message - both at a content/conceptual, but also subtle energy level.

  • Reach further and deeper thanks to the authenticity of your unique message and communication

  • Discover spontaneously the narrative behind your unique gift and your offer to the market.

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Witnessing Subtle Energy - Workshops

We recognize it when we see it - the power of subtle energy in our connection with others. 

  • Live witnessing workshops

  • Recognizing and describing the shifts in our energy

  • Tapping into our inherent capacities in authenticity and non-verbal, energetic relationship with others.


Nicholas Janni

"John Oliver's work is truly exceptional. First he created a unique ‘contemplative’ space which allowed me to speak from a great depth inside. But nothing prepared me for the quality of how he subsequently worked with the content and visual edit. This is simply remarkable work, of the very highest order.”
       Nicholas Janni
       Co-founder Matrix Development, author of Leader as Healer, Business Book of the Year 2023


What is most personal is most universal.”


Carl R. Rogers

Answer the invitation from deep inside

with a 90-minute remote filming session

Personal video session with John - filmed from any quiet location you can find using your laptop and/or smartphone

New dimensions in authenticity - My journey to witnessing
John Oliver -
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