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Broughton Hall Portrait Filming Sessions 2022

Filmed at the Science and Consciousness conference October 31, 2022 - November 4, 2022, by Ubiquity University "Making The Wyrd The Norm"

Hosted at the Broughton Hall Estate, Yorkshire, UK.

All the footage below is spontaneous, filmed from a place of silence, without any prompting or questions.

Invitation for exploration - what is the quality of consciousness that arises:

  • from silence?

  • from a "2nd person" connection (being seen)?

  • from no expectations of what should or could be expressed?

Beyond the verbal - even if nothing is being said, what are you sensing, feeling from that person when watching the videos?

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Watch when free of distractions, with headphones.

Give yourself the gift of presence with these courageous souls.



Sue Cooper

"From my personal experience, being invited by John to meditate with him in a supportive and still space was profound and powerful and one that literal ‘moves’ energy from the interior to give voice to beauty, wisdom and truth."

Image 2022-12-19 at 10.39 PM.JPG


Shannon MacArthur

"Catapulting the tradition of grand portraiture into the 21st century, John Oliver’s method allowed my stories to flow unhindered, and his inspired editing resulted in a masterpiece of mystic storytelling.


I’ve received great feedback such as how viewers are very impressed about the calmness in your voice and stating the truth, the very truth…and a request for a sequel!"



Julia Marh

" I felt a real ease sitting with John in silence.  His camera rolling at the side and the space in which to just be present, with no expectations.  His subsequent edited piece was like a portal into my soul, profoundly moving and gently exposing aspects of my journey I generally keep quite hidden  - especially to new acquaintances!  Rewatching it has introduced me to parts of myself and allowed me a deep recognition of how far I’ve come in the last few years on my health journey.

A real gift, thank you John"



Ute Weber-Woisetschläger

"I feel deeply seen, perceived and valued. Suddenly there is space for reflection on my inner processes. The intentional conscious vision, coupled with love and trust, that the highest possible potential can be fulfilled through my pious alignment for the benefit of all, further empowers me. I experienced myself in the video not as me, the I-personality, but as a being that communicates information to me that fills me with great joy.

I am full of gratitude and love and have great respect for your work!."



Kai Holland

"John is a very unique individual, his study is fascinating and the process of experiencing his practice through this medium of photography and film is evocative and thought inspiring.

I feel there is a lot of potential for this work to continue and come to reveal more about John, his practice and the relationships he garners during the reciprocal exchange of practice."

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