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The mystery of the editing process

I'm on a huge learning curve in terms of the video editing process, but one thing that strikes me profoundly is the art of distilling the essential, the journey to simplicity. I'm living something so tangble in the crafting of the editing.

In my organisational development work a huge risk was always in over complicating the offer, the service, content and processes. We needed to get to the simple as directly and quickly as possible.

But I had in the back of my mind that getting to the 'simple' is a journey, and just a destination one can skip to. Taking 1h30 of filming and distilling it, brings you to moments of magic, where the briefest of phrases, when isolated, cut, and framed in some way, can provide a spark. The profoundness of that simple sentence hits harder, the shorter it is.

Once the video is distilled/simplified, then there is the direct felt impact, so can you in fact "skip" to the impact of the elegantly simple in more complex contexts such as in the world of organisational and social development?

I'm conscious of the delicate balance of jumping to simplicity in these more complex relations and interventions, where simplicity might be banal or meaningless.

Further reflections to follow!

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