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Now I know why I'm so interested in working with artists... "Narratives" and "signifiers" 

Since working from 2017 in the organisational development area called "Sensemaking", I've been diving deep with regards narratives in complex social systems.

These narratives can be analysed in interesting ways thanks to having the narrators interpret their narratives with signifiers.

In parallel, over this past year, I've been committing more to the video narratives filming, following my inspirational artist figures such as Theater Gates and Jonathan Harris who by coincidence I found also talk directly about narratives and signifiers.... This is probably nothing new at all to people in, or close to the art world, but it was fun to make the connection across such different fields, yet a common point is in how we are "making sense" of our complex social realities.

And today, here in Bordeaux, I come across Turner Prize artist Lubaina Himid, commenting on her latest exhibition in a video, talking about narratives and signifiers.

Needless to say, this doubly reinforces my attraction and commitment to transitioning to being involved as closely as possible in the creative arts, and even my own sculpture ideas that have been simmering for a good while!

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