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Chris Marker and the film Sans Soleil - a generational reference in film making

With might be seen as an oblique connection to the witnessing filming process, but pointing to a direction I am embarking on to evolve my work, Marker is an essential inspiration, ushering in the style of the non-linear film essay.

Marker (1921 - 2012) was a French writer, photographer, documentary film director, multimedia artist and film essayist. His best known films are La Jetée (1962), A Grin Without a Cat (1977) and Sans Soleil (1983) - meditation on the nature of human memory, showing the inability to recall the context and nuances of memory, and how, as a result, the perception of personal and global histories is affected.

Friend and collaborator Alain Resnais called him "the prototype of the twenty-first-century man."

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