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"It's like going to a place where suddenly you become god" 

Fabuloous quote from the Lo-Fi podcast by John Wentz, interviewing Ricardo Santos (

"Why do I do art? It's the source of my happiness right now, it's my engine in life. It's like going to a place where suddenly you become god, you can change everything at your own will and everything is OK. You need nothing, just to be there."

"For me creating art is about the fun and how I feel when I'm doing it. In the moment of putting the paint and how things build, when before there was nothing. That's a beautiful thing to experience as a creator. That's creation for me... whatever you can say about your art...for me it's about the moment of creation"

Check out the fascinating art podcast from John Wentz:

On Youtube or Apple, or on any podcast streaming platforms.

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