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radical witnessing

A new dimension in video filming dedicated to the arts and the creative experience.

These are not interviews, portraits or biographies, but  spontaneous glimpses of our souls filmed from silence and vulnerable presence...

Interior Truth is the filming and editing service by John Oliver using an ultra minimalist approach, filmed from a place of silent witnessing (e.g. there are no "interview" type questions, or expectations on content outcomes).  


"I'm on a journey. Trying to make sense between soul and shadow.  Getting out of my head. Seeing in new ways. Dropping into my heart. Feeling in new ways.  Unlearning, to arrive at states of naked, fearful innocence. Fascinated by how our path to a greater collective consciousness might emerge from a radical witnessing of our intimate, interior truths."

    -   John Oliver

This "witnessing zone" integrates inspirations and training from the Inner View Method (, Integral Theory (Wilber), Focusing (Gendlin) and Sensemaking (narratives).


A recurring remark of participants at the end of the filming, is that even they are surprised as to which narratives arose in the moment, and that I, even as a stranger to them, have had the chance to get to know them like no other. 


Further details and video on my journey and purpose can be found here.

Video portraits

video portraits 

Warning! ...Watch only when free from distractions and with headphones.

Treat yourself to the silence and space to connect to what these people are courageoulsy sharing.