Business narratives

Through a lens of our evolution to "homo economicus", the time for a fundamental inquiry into our structures, institutions and principles of economic exchange are under scrutiny. The business category of narratives is a broad umbrella to cover the sciences, business, entrepreneurship, law and economics.

Leadership Communication

Your personal leader / founder portrait, sharing your values and purpose, in a powerfully authentic way.  



Communicating the values, principles and heritage of founders and founder-families, for the next generation of business.



Video journaling, self-reflection, supported by breakthrough frameworks in adult developmental psychology.

Collaboration Communities

Exchange, inspire, build and share. How narratives can support new forms of economic collaboration.


and Marketing

Is your product or service coming from a deep purpose and personal vision? Communicate this in meaningful and authentic ways



Co-worker engagement, culture and values. Probe-sense-respond. Democratise conversations with narrative landscapes.