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Watch with headphones and when free of distractions.

Give yourself the gift of presence from these courageous souls.

Testimonial from Ayoub

​I enjoyed the experience of the filming itself for me was very heartwarming. It allowed me to express things that generally exist and evolve only inside my head. And that somehow I don't generally feel that they're welcome in the outside world.


And I think like, why would they even go outside my head? And the experience of filming made me and my thoughts and my emotions about my experiences feel very welcome. I was very grateful for that. The experience of choosing to participate in this experience, of reviewing the outcomes, the video, the transcripts, talking about them with you was very instructive in its own right.

The choice to reflect and the choice to put part of me out there is difficult and vulnerable - and you, John, made it very welcoming and safe and enabling.


And I have one question, which is how can you do this and hold this space for so many people, because I feel that the attention you have to me and to my story and to my needs and desires around this is very high. And I can see that you're doing this work with a lot of people and I'm wondering, oh, how much capacity do you have? This must be, you must have an even bigger heart than the one that I see!

"How was the experience of watching the edit?"

​The footage felt yes, this is me, yep. It's very the footage felt very validating and very, to me, very recognizable. So to the extent that I'm interested in myself, I'm like, yep, this is it, right. So it was very interesting. The other thing for me in terms of seeing the footage was the voice, the voice and the face that I was seeing on the footage were familiar. I knew them very well, and yet they are not the same than inside my head. And so it's it's quite literally seeing myself from different eyes and I could do this and that was quite intriguing to me.