Give your truth its

voice through film

Thanks to a spacious witnessing approach with film, open the door to your subtle and deeper consciousness - or whole sense of 'truth'.

Dedicated to the boundaries of where the arts and civic discourse (collective sensemaking and narratives) come together.

InteriorTruth is a filming and editing service by John Oliver, through unconditional witnessing (i.e. there are no "interview" type questions or expectations), leading to a deep inner connection, authentic transmission and stepping stones for our evolving journies.  


"I'm on a journey. Trying to make sense between soul and shadow.  Getting out of my head. Seeing in new ways. Dropping into my heart. Feeling in new ways.  Unlearning, to arrive at states of naked, fearful innocence. Fascinated by how our path to a greater collective consciousness might emerge from a radical witnessing of our intimate, interior truths."

    -   John Oliver

Answer the invitation from deep inside

with a 90-minute remote filming session

Personal video session with John - filmed from any quiet location you can find using your laptop and/or smartphone


Video narratives library 

An antidote to the instant-attention economy!

(Mouse over for instructions)


Each of the above videos has a 12 - 16 min full length version

The Silent Witnessing Challenge 

A compilation of the moments of silence shared while filming is in the video below: The perfect way to get a taste of what it is like to sit in front of a camera in this witnessing space.  Watch the video below free from distractions and with headphones.

Are you able to watch the full length (14 min)?


Fateme Banishoeib


"Being witnessed is a rare gift John offers generously. The whole experience carries the magic of simple and profound things. In silence and from silence a thread of connection emerges. A connection with our own art, a connection to self-expression, a connection with others. John is a master curator and gentle witness of artful expression and connection. Forever grateful to have been hold in a sacred place of witnessing silence."


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Bordeaux, France

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